Working hard, working responsibly 
for us means working in connection with the ideal, with others, interpreting needs and
catching signs with a clear aim: releasing new ideas.

Working on complex projects in which architecture and volumes are expressive and sinuous, it’s not easy to integrate lighting design.

We can count on the collaboration of Entis which has always followed us, solving urgent issues typical of architecture.

Thanks to their skills we manage to fully develop also the most complicated project.


I have been working with Entis for a long time because of their high professionalism and speed providing services. Nowadays a studio should have specialized, expert coworkers. Entis can suggest the latest innovations and products directly inserting them in lighting engineering project mathematically verifying the real result. With them I had a natural approach which comes naturally among experts in the field and, mutually, benchmarks in their specializations.

Professionalism is the highest value for a profession in the historical moment we are living. Together we realized many projects but the most important is the final result: architecture and lights are the perfect match to get a work with a high stylish content. Today our constant cooperation has extended so that Entis is almost an extension of the Studio Vergine for the lighting engineering field thanks to their professionalism and speed.


Driven by the desire of having a full consulting service in this field and, without a benchmark in the lighting engineering field, I decided to collaborate with Entis Group after contacting several companies. I can say without a doubt, after the many projects we have accomplished together, that the proposed products are excellent both from a technical and aesthetic point of view . The most important benefit is the design empathy which has been creating between us, especially with Marco Fasulo, who knows very well our projects and always manages to give us focused indications coherent with our aesthetic taste.


Entis not only represents a supplier able to support professionals from a commercial point of view, but constantly suggests wide technical solutions and collaborations, showing utmost willingness and flexibility. This is the reason why I rather consider Entis a partner then just a mere supplier of products and services.

Entis applies in a flexible contemporary way. The world of retail design or luxury residential design requires the team to be able to both adapt to the different needs, finding a balance between seriality and customization, with an eye always critically turned to budget, so that the results can be excellent yet possible, accessible. In my opinion this is the formula that we, designers, with partners like Entis, should be able to offer. 


We work with Entis because we want to have a consultant before a seller, to help us identify the most suitable products to solve a specific design theme and follow also installation fixing any possible last-minute technical problem. 

I have been knowing Massimo Prati  for so many years that I don’t remember how everything started, but if it still lasts surely it’s also a matter of liking besides professionalism. We rely on Entis to prepare an offer full of technical and economic data making full use of a plurality of proposals, of course they are not the only ones but we know that they wouldn’t never suggest something just for selling and during all these years of collaboration their service has always been capable of our expectations.  

D2U – Design to Users srl

With Entis we found a representative who is not interested only in selling products as such but willing to make the most of products and environment.

Since our first meeting they showed us professionalism but especially will of listening and nowadays they cooperate with us providing assistance about technical choices, preparation of illustrative tables discussed together, lighting engineering relations, quotes etc.

“There are two types of light  – light that lights up and glare that darkens” (James Thuber)

Sometimes we have to face design or structural constraints and Entis is in agreement with one of our mottos: “Behind any problem there’s an opportunity” (Galileo Galilei) assisting us in our choices and in the research of the best lighting item without preferring the product to our ideas but choosing the product according to our ideas and emotions we wanted to create.

From the best we always expect the best and the cooperation will from both sides has always led to excellent results. 

What can be improved is timeliness of agreed deliveries. 





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